Great news! Our syringe was recognized as "Shandong Famous Brand".

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2019-01-05 09:15


In order to implement the new requirements of quality and brand building in the new period of the provincial party committee and provincial government, further promote the transformation of the old and new dynamics and the development of the "four new" and "four", in accordance with the "People's Government of Shandong Province on the implementation of the State Council <Quality Development Program (2011-2020)> to implement the quality of the province strategy" (Lu Zheng Fa [2012] No. 30). In accordance with the Opinions of the People's Government of Shandong Province on Implementing the Quality Development Strategy of the State Council (2011-2020)> (Lu Zhengfa [2012] No. 30), and based on the "Management Measures of Shandong Famous Brand", Shandong Quality Evaluation Association, together with relevant organizations, has organized the identification of Shandong Famous Brand products in 2018.

       After the screening of enterprises' voluntary declaration, municipalities' recommendation, qualification examination, material (network) identification, on-site verification, enterprise quality credit evaluation and other identification procedures, as well as consultation and social public announcement, the single-use sterile syringe produced by Shandong Ruitong Polymer Medical Equipment Co. ".

    The honor is the result of the joint efforts of all Ruitong people, but in the face of the honor, we must not flaunt self-congratulation, we must return to zero in time, in the future work we will continue to progress, pioneering and innovative, follow the corporate purpose of "focus on quality, care for life, innovation, service to the public", strictly grasp the quality, adhere to the production We will continue to improve and innovate in the future, following the enterprise tenet of "concern for quality, care for life, innovation in concept, and service to the public", pay strict attention to quality and insist on producing high-quality products that satisfy nurses and reassure patients!



   (hereinafter referred to as Ruitong Medical) is located in Yanzhou, Shandong Province, one of the top 100 countries in terms of economic strength. Yanzhou, one of the ancient nine states of China, was designated by Dayu as one of the most important cities in the world. The natural geographical environment and the excellent access to transportation have created a strategic location in Yanzhou, a thoroughfare in nine states and the throat of Qilu. Riton Medical is located in this modern, industrial city with its rich produce and talented people.



Established in 1989, it is the only manufacturer of three types of polymer medical devices in Jining area. Over the years, all Ruitong people struggle hard and forge ahead, and the enterprise has gained great development. In November 2016, the company moved to No. 006, Gansu Mountain Road, Yandian Town Industrial Park as a whole, and the leading products of the company are: five series of single-use sterile syringes, single-use precision filter infusion sets, single-use infusion sets, single-use drug dissolvers, single-use subcutaneous indwelling needles, etc., more than forty specifications. We have advanced processing, assembly and testing equipment. Ltd. and Shandong Ruitong Zhenyue Medical Technology Co., Ltd. have two sales branch companies, and the products are sold well throughout the country and exported to Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


We always follow the enterprise tenet of "quality, care for life, innovation, and service to the public" and organize production in strict accordance with the "Quality Management Standards for Medical Device Production" and other relevant documents formulated by the State Food and Drug Administration. We have always put a high sense of responsibility and mission into the philosophy of factory management, and have fully implemented and carefully built a quality management system covering the whole process of production and operation. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE certification of EU and other quality system certifications. Over the years, our products have passed the daily supervision of the national bureau; in the daily inspection of the provincial bureau, we have been rated as an A-class enterprise every year. Small products, big market, Ruitong medical devices strive to be the leader in safe, high-end infusion.

   Ruitong company warmly look forward to business cooperation with friends from all walks of life, and seek common development.





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