Yandian Industrial New City Creates Development Acceleration

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2018-08-07 13:10

(hereinafter referred to as "Ruitong Medical") in Yanzhou Yandian Industrial New City, thirty to forty construction workers were working on the interior decoration of the newly-roofed R&D center, laying walls, piping, and installing elevators.
  "Rui Tong medical high-end medical supplies Phase II project, including a research and development center and high-end product production workshop, is one of the first key projects in Yandian Industrial New City." Ruitong Medical Chairman Zhang Yongmei told reporters that the project is progressing rapidly, the R & D center opened on April 1, July 18 has completed the main roof. Workshop construction is now entering the review phase of the drawings, is expected to start construction at the end of September, early October, the end of next year can be put into use.
  Together with Rui Tong Medical, Luyuan export food processing base is also accelerating the construction. A total investment of 7.5 billion yuan of new energy pure electric vehicles, pure electric river vessels project, photoelectric integrated industrial park project, graphene innovation technology industrialization project, intelligent IOT electronic module project preliminary work is well underway.
  Yandian industrial new city is the central city of Jining "four city-driven" an important part of the strategy, the command of the integrated group member Mei Xingrui told reporters that since the planning and construction, Yandian industrial new city construction command adhere to all the work specific, the construction tasks of the schedule, focus on implementation.
  In the Yandian Industrial New City map on the supervisory service platform, you can real-time supervision and scheduling of Yandian Industrial New City, the progress of each key project. "Through this visualization platform, to monitor the implementation of each project, the situation of the personnel, the progress of the situation, the safety of the situation, at any time can be dispatched, to promote the project construction." Command planning and construction team leader Zhang Xiansheng introduced.
  In order to build a good Yandian Industrial New City, Yandian Industrial New City Construction Command in accordance with the "said, set dry, finished on schedule" requirements, the establishment of coordination and scheduling mechanism and on-site office meeting system, timely resolution of problems and difficulties encountered in the construction process. Drawn up a key project operational progress chart and operational security map, work measures, construction progress is broken down to each day. Zhang Xiansheng pointed to the progress and security map told us, "to do this progress and security map is to make each project can be completed on schedule, completed by node, what needs to be done each month, what needs to be done every day, are clearly reflected in the map, but also to find problems, solve problems, to achieve the project can be completed on schedule, completed by node. "
  Zhang Yongmei is also deeply touched by this, she said, the project needs at least 10 permits to start, including project, environmental assessment, planning permission, construction permits, which is equivalent to run 10 departments. "Before I do not know what to prepare, how to do, where to go, run a lot of wrong way, for months can not finish these certificates. Command gathered the staff of the relevant departments, they lean on the service, tell us what information to bring, where to do, to achieve only one run can be done, the enterprise in about half a month to 10 permits to complete, smooth start."
  Project construction is in full swing, infrastructure construction is also in full swing. At present, the Yandian Industrial New City master plan has been completed. A total investment of 1 billion yuan in the construction of road renovation and upgrading projects have been launched, communications, drainage, water supply and other pipeline facilities are also synchronized with the implementation of the construction.

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