"Yanzhou Ruitong Medical - Suspending the main production line to protect the war against the epidemic "The supply of scarce materials

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2020-02-12 02:35


  Rui Tong medical company on the new class II medical equipment production line, specializing in the production of masks and protective clothing.
  "The government has coordinated 2 tons of raw materials, tomorrow we go to Zibo pull." On the afternoon of February 10, Zhang Yongmei, general manager of Shandong Ruitong Polymer Medical Equipment Co.
  In addition to the 15,000 precision infusion sets, 30,000 5ml syringes and other original stocks, 100 goggles and 1 infrared temperature screening door, the donation also included medical masks and protective clothing produced by the company in recent days.
  Ruitong Medical is the only national three medical device manufacturers in the Jining area, it produces disposable precision infusion sets and indwelling needles and other leading products are three types of medical devices. However, the recent outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, resulting in a shortage of disposable medical masks and protective clothing and other class II medical devices. In order to effectively respond to the epidemic, the provincial and municipal levels to encourage relevant enterprises to resume production as soon as possible, and Rui Tong medical not rushed to resume production, but directly on the spot "to", with 4 days to build a disposable medical masks and protective clothing and other medical equipment production line.
  It is understood that the Rui Tong medical annual production of 5 million indwelling needles, 15 million precision infusion sets and 100 million (sets) syringes, the annual output value of up to hundreds of millions of yuan. "After the Spring Festival holiday, which is the golden period of production and sales, but in order to prevent and control the epidemic needs, our original production line all shut down, workers were all transferred to the new production line." said Zhang Yongmei. Zhang Yongmei said: February 2, the use of the original production workshop, Rui Tong medical start to build two types of medical equipment production line; February 3, the enterprise product approval into Shandong Province, two types of medical equipment emergency approval channel; February 5, the first set of disposable medical protective clothing off the line; February 6, the enterprise business license to add two types of medical devices and other business projects. The first set of disposable medical protective clothing was launched on February 5, and on February 6, the business license of the enterprise increased by two types of medical devices and other business items. "Many things are special, Jining and Yanzhou industry and information departments directly to the enterprise on-site office." The company's first-class medical device registration is expected to be ready in 10 days," said Zhang Yongmei, who said it would take several months to approve it.
  Now, the production line of Rui Tong Medical can produce 100,000 disposable medical masks and 500 sets of disposable medical protective clothing every day. "The original enterprise has more than 300 people, only 100 people who live in Yanzhou can come back to work." Zhang Yongmei said, due to traffic control and other factors around the product raw materials are also in short supply.
  In fact, this is not the first time that Rui Tong Medical "switch". 2003 "SARS" period, Rui Tong Medical in danger, temporary production of masks and other medical protective equipment. The "switch", Rui Tong medical not only stopped the original production line, in order to produce Class II medical devices, the enterprise also "100,000 class cleanroom" transformed into a "300,000 class cleanroom ". The lowering of the purification standard means that when the enterprise later turns back to its main business - the production of Class III medical devices, it needs to transform the workshop and production line again.
  "Our hardware and technology are not the problem, now we need workers and raw materials." Zhang Yongmei said. At present, local governments at all levels are actively negotiating to implement relevant policy measures.

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